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As marketing director for FranklinCovey’s Sales Performance Practice, I am inundated with emails from every imaginable provider of marketing services from search optimization firms to the latest account-based and content marketing software. I see it all and I see it every single day. I must be on more than 1,000 nurture tracks – no lie.

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The Player/Coach: An Urban Legend?

Why is sales management one of the few professions that often requires a manager to be both a player and a coach? Over the past twenty years in the profession, I’ve seen many managers carry individual quotas in addition to their primary personnel duties — essentially competing with those they manage.

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Great Sales Performers Are Made Not Born

IMahan Khalsa discusses how great sales performers are made not born in this ebook.The process to make them known and practical has huge rewards for all involved. All it takes is focus, discpline, and execution of these four steps: 

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