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Consultative Selling Tip: Know What Gear You're In

Several months after my teenage daughter earned her driver’s license, I suggested that it was time for her to learn to drive a standard transmission. Our first lesson involved a short trip to the local grocery store. We stalled, jerked, revved, and jolted our way there. In the store parking lot, she handed me the keys and deemed the experience, “the worst thing I had ever done to her.”

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Try This With Your Sales Team: Move Off The Solution

One of my favorite videos on YouTube depicts a painful discussion between a man and his wife about a nail. Take a minute to watch it here:

Does that sound familiar to you? Doesn't it sound a lot like your salespeople?

Have you noticed that the overwhelming tendency of most sales professionals is to rush to a solution? It's in our nature. We want to solve our client's problems and we usually have the products and services to do it. So, what's the problem? We’re in the business of providing solutions; It’s what we do! So, why aren't our prospects just thrilled when we come knocking?

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Mahan Khalsa's 6 Secrets to Success in Sales

Mahan Khalsa, author of the transformational book on sales, Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play, and Co-Founder of FranklinCovey's Sales Performance Practice once wrote about these 6 Secrets to Success in Sales, and I thought they are worth re-publishing (in Mahan's own words):

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