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Sales Leaders... If You Took a Month Off, How Well Would Your Sales Team Perform?

I can't imagine this would ever happen in the real world of a sales leader, but if you took a month off, how well would your sales team perform in your absence? What about two weeks? Whether you are a brand-new sales leader or have deep experience, I invite you to think about this question. It’s fun to consider and can also be very thought-provoking.

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Get More Sales with the Same Headcount... Sound Familiar?

Your task is to increase sales year-over-year without adding headcount. Does that sound familiar? If you have been a sales leader long enough, I am sure this is one of the challenges you face as you enter a new fiscal year. It sounds so simple and yet can be such a difficult thing to do. As I think about my experiences, as well as experiences working with many of my clients, there are many places one could start to handle this challenge. For the purposes of this discussion, let's think about how to get better performance out of existing team members.

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Your Goal or Your Job...

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2017. Remember Y2K and the prediction that computers around the world would crash when the date changed to 1/1/2000?  We thought the world was going to come to a screeching halt then and I’m glad to say we’re still here.

It’s only appropriate that I address the topic of setting goals for my first blog of the year. When I ask sales people what their goals are, I find it fascinating that most rattle off their annual sales goal. They may say something like, “$4.2 million in TCV” or, if they are paid on gross profit, something like, “$1.8 million in GP.”

May I offer a different point of view? I don’t think an annual sales target is a goal; I think it’s a sales person’s job to hit it. It’s what we get paid to do. It might help to think about this perspective with regard to other professions. Putting out fires is not a firefighter’s goal; it’s her job. Her goal might be to decrease the amount of time it takes to reach a fire. An NFL quarterback’s job is to win games. His goal might be to decrease his interception rates.

So…what’s your goal for 2017? Have you taken the time to think about what you want to do? The fact is, you have 52 weeks ahead of you to do something amazing. If you don’t know what your development goal is for this year, it’s time to ponder what you want to be different about this year.

If you’re like me, time seems to be moving faster and faster. Last year is gone forever. The future is ahead of you, so how will you make it a happy new year?  Please share your goals for 2017 with the rest of us.  

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Stop Paying Attention to Your Goal

Ok, so now that I have your attention, let’s explore the thinking behind that statement…

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Selling to Millennials: The Importance of Authenticity

When we read about millennials in the workplace, adjectives like young, tech-savvy and entitled typically appear. Some researchers have gone so far as to call us (I am a millennial) Generation Me.

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The 2016 Presidential Election: Lessons in Selling

While roughly half the people in this country are unhappy about the outcome of the election, few on either side are sad to see election season end. The experience challenged our political system in new ways and accentuated rifts in an electorate that was already deeply divided.

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Leveraging the 7 Habits to be a Better Sales Leader

Sales professionals today face a great number of challenges and obstacles in their day-to-day initiatives. Whether it's filling your pipeline, managing your sales teams, or closing the sale - achieving and sustaining high levels of performance is critical to the success of both you and your sales teams. But the eternal question remains: how can you overcome those challenges and maintain performance – not only for yourself, but for the teams that you manage?

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Making Sure Your Saws are Sharp

When making a list of all of the assets you own or control, do you list yourself among them? Truth be told, you are the most important asset, and the most vital investment you can ever make is in yourself.

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Everyone Has a Story to Tell...

Most (if not all) of today’s marketing professionals have realized that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach their customers. In the good old days of digital marketing, one could simply find an interesting article or piece of content that a targeted audience would enjoy, and then interrupt it with intrusive ads.

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Great Sales Performers Are Made Not Born

IMahan Khalsa discusses how great sales performers are made not born in this ebook.The process to make them known and practical has huge rewards for all involved. All it takes is focus, discpline, and execution of these four steps: 

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