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Sales Leaders... If You Took a Month Off, How Well Would Your Sales Team Perform?

I can't imagine this would ever happen in the real world of a sales leader, but if you took a month off, how well would your sales team perform in your absence? What about two weeks? Whether you are a brand-new sales leader or have deep experience, I invite you to think about this question. It’s fun to consider and can also be very thought-provoking.

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Get More Sales with the Same Headcount... Sound Familiar?

Your task is to increase sales year-over-year without adding headcount. Does that sound familiar? If you have been a sales leader long enough, I am sure this is one of the challenges you face as you enter a new fiscal year. It sounds so simple and yet can be such a difficult thing to do. As I think about my experiences, as well as experiences working with many of my clients, there are many places one could start to handle this challenge. For the purposes of this discussion, let's think about how to get better performance out of existing team members.

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Stop Pushing a Rope: 3 Keys to a Successful Sales Training Implementation

If you are like most sales leaders, the most worrisome period of implementing a successful sales training and enablement initiative is the 90 days immediately following the launch. Even after going through all of the research, evaluation, and selection of the right partner, these 90 days can make that feel like a walk in the park.

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Insights from ASTD: Making It Personal

While attending the annual ASTD conference this week with more than 9,000 other learning professionals, I was reminded of an important lesson I’ve learned over the past few decades—and one that is particularly relevant to those of us who consider themselves “lifelong learners,” especially in sales performance education.

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