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Consultative Selling Tip: Know What Gear You're In

Several months after my teenage daughter earned her driver’s license, I suggested that it was time for her to learn to drive a standard transmission. Our first lesson involved a short trip to the local grocery store. We stalled, jerked, revved, and jolted our way there. In the store parking lot, she handed me the keys and deemed the experience, “the worst thing I had ever done to her.”

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3 Keys to World-Class Sales Enablement

If you’ve been in sales for any length of time – then you know the excitement, thrill and rush of pursuing a deal and winning it. Aside from "smashing" your quota, the professional accolades, and the bonuses, there’s nothing like the personal satisfaction of the hunt and conquest! Then there's the knowledge you truly helped your client succeed.

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22 Good Leadership Skills for Great Sales Leaders

Let’s talk about great sales leaders for a minute. There are scores of books and seminars on becoming a Great Sales Leader. I’ve read the books, written articles and attended sessions on this topic throughout my career. I wanted to dive deeper into this and request some input from real people on the street.

I have the privilege of working with some amazing clients all over the world. Many of these are global Fortune 500 firms that have attracted incredible sales and sales leadership talent. When I ask sales teams to tell me about some of the good leadership skills they respect in a great sales leaders – regardless of the culture or the continent – there’s a similar thread woven through their answers. Here is just some of what I've heard:

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