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Experienced new sales hires not attaining quota? Here’s why...

Recently I spoke with Lindsay (not her real name), the head of sales enablement of a market-leading organization with one of the most buttoned-up sales operations I’ve ever come across.

Lindsay’s team delivered the right content, in the right format, at the right time, for the right buyer persona and at the right stage of the buying process – so that the salesforce could maximize the effectiveness and value of their interactions with prospects and customers. Talk about slick! No wonder her organization attracts sales talent in droves.

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How complete is your sales system?

How complete is your sales system? When I ask that question of most sales leaders and sales learning and development professionals, I’m usually met with a questioning look and then an explanation of adopting best-in-class sales process, methods, content or the latest selling fad – a standard response to a purposely ambiguous question. Sometimes I will get asked “what do you mean how complete is our sales system?”

In my experience, the sales performance industry and sales organizations in general place an undue amount of emphasis on sales process or method (both of which are important) - to the neglect of two other critical elements of an effective and enduring sales system; namely philosophy and execution.

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Slow Down to Speed Up Sales - 3 Keys to Increase Sales Effectiveness

Slow down to speed up sales? What???

Please, bear with me. There’s method to the madness. This is an exercise in counter-intuitive selling behavior.

One of the most common mistakes I see when working with sales teams is their desire to put the “pedal to the metal” when talking with a prospective customer. They try to:

  1. get to the closing stage of sales as quickly as possible, and
  2. treat all stages of the sales process with equal importance

This is a mistake!

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7 Tips for an Effective Sales Training Program

In my work with market leading and high growth sales teams and the learning and development departments around the world, I’m often asked what makes an effective sales training “intervention” or “transformation.”

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Stop Blaming Sales Professionals

Enough is Enough

We’ve just got to stop blaming sales professionals for everything!

Yes, I agree markets have changed. Yes, buyers have access to more information than ever and yes, many sellers struggle to create and sell value. Many more can’t stop talking about their products, can’t share insight with customers, and, in short, haven’t evolved to selling in the 21st Century.

We’re addressing the wrong symptom. It’s not sales professionals but business executives and sales leaders who shoulder the blame—and not many executives and leaders have the confidence and humility to admit it.

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